Online-sales Assistant, reduce operation cost, increase sales, less effort for managing your business on online market

Sales everywhere and manage in one-place, automate sales with our chatbot online-sales agent

Online-Sales Portal

Remove your manual work with a simply portal for manage everything for any size of your business Our portal just require you to update for inventory, the rest will be autmated for you.

  • Suggesting pricing, promotion based on customer personality
  • Broadcasting your product to many channel: facebook, Instagram, Lazada, etc..
  • Chatbot to interact with customer and create orders
  • All-in-one view for your business management

Online-sales agents

Dont close your customer or their order by late response to them. Just do your main job and let the bot represent you 24/7 to help for sales.

  • Provide product information to customer questions
  • Following with customer for ordering
  • Execuse order generation and update inventory
  • Remember all of your customer, suggest promotion, and remind them for re-purchase
  • Marketing your new products

24/7 available

Your chatbot will represent yourself and work all day every day _ starting conversations, asking valuable questions, delivering the most qualified information to your cusstomers, confirm for purchase and generate the orders.

Engage every customer
Bots start conversations by using advanced targeting and personel experience from the customers.

Always be qualifying
Your bot never gets tired, never needs a vacation and never lose any conversation.

Stand out with video
Combine video and chatbots to get 400% more leads to engage with your bot.

Automation Marketing

Based on history from your customers, the bots can automate a marketing message to keep engage your customers, remind them on the referenced products, suggest to buy more etc.

Suggest for a promotion
Our chatbot platform will suggest you with a personel promotion campaign.

Pursuit for order
Chatbot will remember all of customer those who still have hesitage to purchase and pursuit them with more advantage information

Hot deal
Automate to broadcast your hot deal to customers.

Accelerated Sales Cycles

Chatbots connect to your tech stack, automate workflows behind the scenes and act as an extension of your sales team

Personalized paths
Ask helpful questions to put the leads on the best path to buy.

Automated actions
Connecting to our back-end or your current back-end so that bot can autmate generate actions for any enquiry

Always be closing
Unanswered questions will be directed to relevant personnel in charge, who can better respond to the cusstomer’s question.

Growth beyond human limits

From 1 to 1,000,000 conversations, your bot gives everyone an immediate response and a consistent experience that grows your funnel.

Always on script
Ask every lead the right questions, whether they’re ready to buy then and there, or need time to be nurtured.

Relationships at scale
Your chatbots consistently deliver great experiences, making leads more likely to return and recommend you.

How this solution work for you

3 basic steps to upgrade your business with automation

Chat with our bot for subscribing

Setup your product and Inventory

Config your bot to cutely response to


6 months free

Portal for Online-sales Management

Chatbot on Facebook channel



Portal for On-line-sales Management

Sharing product to integrated marketplace

Chatbot on Facebook channel, and other requested channel

Auto upgrade with new features