Our capabilites worth your trust
to innovate with AI chatbot

Early adopt with implementing chatbot
will bring chance for growth

NAtural Language Processing

Chat like you usually do
User engagement with conversation-based systems differs from mobile and web applications for the simple reason that customers expect a conversation to feel like one — no click-throughs, just simple chat. With its natural language understanding capabilities, customers can chat with our chatbot like they usually do.

Contact Recognition

Unlike traditional bots, natural language processing relies on identification of intents. This way, the bot understands what the customers mean, even if certain keywords remain the same. Intents allow the bot to recognize the context of the conversation, boosting its response accuracy.

Conversational UI

Use data to make conversations with a chatbot more appealing
We care so much about the experience of talking to our chatbots. Dedicating time to understand user behaviour, design the conversation model, test and iterate will totally be worth the effort

System Integration

Extend the capabilities of your bot through integrations with your existing databases and systems
Integration with CRM, HRM, POS system and databases adds up to the bot’s knowledge — making it smarter with more data to pull, crunch, and pass to the user

Business workflow optimzation

Identify the best workflow for your specific business case and optimize the current one
This one of many things that data can tell you — if you analyze it properly. Our chatbot can help identify the best workflow for your chosen goals, and direct the user towards achieving it